News ~ Notes from the Fretboard

12 June 2007

Hoping you and yours have had a fantastic winter, in good health and cheer. We skipped from winter to summer here in the Northeast and the air is awash with songbirds as I write. Hard to imagine we only lost our snow about a month ago as we hide from the Annual March of the Black Flies.

Visited a wonderful school yesterday in the northern Adirondacks. We had a great time with the students and enjoyed the trip through some of the most beautiful country on earth. The air was warm and the hawks rode the thermals over Avalanche Pass and Chapel Pond, the water shimmering under a near solstice sun, the home made raspberry crumb pie from the Noonmark Diner making the trip south. Wishing you and yours all the very best, always, and thank you for your friendship and support.

Cheers - Susan

9 May 2007

Beltaine! The first of May is a festival of planting and fertility in many Celtic cultures. Traditionally, girls in Ireland rise early in the morning on May 1st to wash their faces in the dew, for beauty year 'round. Collecting sticks of sacred woods is a tradition practiced to this day. The ancient Druids built fires to ensure a bountiful harvest and fertility for the animals. Called May Day in the U.K. the May Pole dance is about the year's harvest. It is said the way the dancers twine the ribbons around the pole is a prediction of how the harvest will be that year... and a sure way to get to know the other young people in your village. However you celebrate May this year, carry a song with you and enjoy it in good health!

4 January 2007

Happy New Year! Hoping you and yours had a grand holiday. Here we are again. January. A month without a holiday, really, unless you count New Year's Day which hardly belongs to January, since we usually get there by staying up too late the last day of December. Poor, sad, lost January. But before we cry buckets,, remember January has something to offer, and it goes on, and on, and on. Sure, it's not as quaint and flavorful as the gooey, bedecked traditions of December, but January manages to hold its own in its relentless, almost savagely windswept march across the calendar. January has ... Dieting!! Everybody's trying to be That Person. The person everybody says, look how great s/he looks now. All across the land people are drinking protein shakes, eating busloads of vegetables (oh, the horrors of Cabbage Soup) taking magic potions and doing Brando's On the Waterfront walk down the pier at their gym to beat the arithmetic of Calories In, Energy Out. The good news, music has zero calories and an infinite benefit to the body and soul. I hope you're enjoying the tunes and songs you like best. Wishing you and yours all the very best of health for 2007. And thank you for your friendship and support. I look forward to hearing from you.

Peace, Susan